I’m going to use this for my basic digital layouts when it comes to button and title placement.

A useful tool.

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Incredible paper cut light boxes illuminated with the help of LED light strips from artist couple Hari & Deepti 

Reblogging for Richard! Enjoy!

Amazing work.

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My Art Timeline for Angela’s class.

I used Photoshop to change around the design of the tree and the Sun, and then I placed the names of the art movements on using illustrator.

Nice idea for the Timeline project.

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30 iconic music artists recreated in Lego.

Malaysia based Lego fan Aldy Syairi Ramly created these images using an iPhone 5.

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Illustrator tutorials which maybe of interest

Creative Development Team

Creative Development Team Libraries, Heritage and Arts Services Civic Centre Darwall Street Walsall WS1 1TP

Telephone 01922 653114 Email

For anyone interested in getting involved with paid for projects etc.

An easy idea for creating a journal/book cover